Display manager freezes
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importbot, Jul 28 2015


crtama - wrote on 18. January 2015 15:35:

The SDDM display manager freezes when attempting to enter the user acccount password. A temporary solution is to change the systemd default.target symlink from graphical.target to multi-user.target. This by-passes the graphical interface and brings up a virtual terminal from which to log in and start the X session.

Matthias Klumpp wrote on 18. January 2015 23:04:

Cane you see anything useful in the logs in /var/log/sddm or in the systemd journal?

crtama - wrote on 19. January 2015 11:00:

Greetings. Here is the sddm log:
`[19:41:41.685] (II) DAEMON: Starting...
[19:41:41.686] (II) DAEMON: Adding new display 0 on vt 1 ...
[19:41:41.722] (II) DAEMON: Adding cookie to "/var/run/sddm/:0"
[19:41:41.861] (II) DAEMON: Display server starting...
[19:41:41.861] (II) DAEMON: Running: /usr/bin/X :0 -auth /var/run/sddm/:0 -nolisten tcp -background none -noreset vt1
[19:41:45.123] (WW) DAEMON: Signal received: SIGUSR1
[19:41:45.124] (II) DAEMON: Running display setup script "/usr/share/sddm/scripts/Xsetup"
[19:41:45.124] (II) DAEMON: Display server started.
[19:41:45.124] (II) DAEMON: Socket server starting...
[19:41:45.125] (II) DAEMON: Socket server started.
[19:41:45.150] (II) DAEMON: Greeter starting...
[19:41:45.320] (II) HELPER: [PAM] Starting...
[19:41:45.320] (II) HELPER: [PAM] Authenticating...
[19:41:45.321] (II) HELPER: [PAM] returning.
[19:41:45.484] (II) DAEMON: Greeter session started successfully
[19:41:47.080] (II) GREETER: Connected to the daemon.
[19:41:47.080] (II) DAEMON: Message received from greeter: Connect
[19:41:48.529] (II) GREETER: Message received from daemon: Capabilities
[19:41:48.529] (II) GREETER: Message received from daemon: HostName
[19:42:00.005] (II) HELPER: [PAM] Ended.
[19:42:00.047] (II) DAEMON: Auth: sddm-helper exited successfully
[19:42:00.047] (II) DAEMON: Greeter stopped.`

The following line stands out around the same time in the systemd journal:
Jan 18 19:41:59 xxxxx kernel: sddm-greeter[1216]: segfault at 58 ip 00007fa13b809fc4 sp 00007fff85a3aa00 error 4 in nouveau_dri.so[7fa13b44c000+76b000]

Following the freeze, I pulled up a virtual terminal to log in.

Matthias Klumpp wrote on 19. January 2015 11:04:

SDDM uses (via Qt5) some "advanced" graphics functionality - so this actually is likely a Noveau driver bug.
You could try a newer kernel/X11 combination to see if that solves the issue, but this is likely hardware specific and hard to narrow it down.
But if we find the cause of this issue, we can backport the change.
You could also install lightdm or kdm as alternative ;-)
Do other Qt5/QML/OpenGL applications work?

crtama - wrote on 19. January 2015 14:20:

The one OpenGL application I checked does not function properly, so there are deeper issues. But, I will install another display manager. Thank you for your assistance.

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Is this still an issue?

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