Xorg -configure creates a broken xorg.conf
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larfalitl - wrote on 14. December 2014 03:06:

This machine has two video cards, the first supports two monitors, the second one.

From boot with no xorg.conf supplied both monitors on the first video card work fine. This is attachment Xorg.0.log

Supplied the xorg.conf from an Xorg -version 1.14.3, got no display, found there was no log file (see other ticket).

Ran Xorg -configure, this created xorg.conf.new & Xorg.0.log.1
Ran X -config /root/xorg.conf.new, this again gave no display, however all three monitors came out of power save mode. Also created a log file Xorg.0.log.2

I have renamed some of the log files to prevent them being overwritten.

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Matthias Klumpp wrote on 14. December 2014 03:06:

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