tame the periodical forced fsck
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importbot, Jul 28 2015


canister - wrote on 05. July 2014 17:57:

The default periodical fsck on boot may be considered necessary (hardware probs) or not (checksumming fs) differently by differnt user requirements.

In any case, allowing the user to manually skip a running periodic fsck and resume booting is crucial in some circumstances (like giving a presentation). A good feaure would also be to ask on shutdown, if a pending fsck should run (interruptable) before shutting down.

A /etc/e2fsck.conf with [options] allow_cancellation = true may be sufficient to allow skipping with @Ctrl-C@, but some more information and interaction is of course more user friendly http://superuser.com/questions/384243/break-out-of-e2fsck-on-boot.