live installer should support lvm/luks
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vinzv - wrote on 14. December 2014 03:06:

the installer for linux mint does support creation of logical volumes and encrypting them, afaik. so using that code for tanglu too shouldn't be too much hassle.

Matthias Klumpp wrote on 14. December 2014 03:06:

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Matthias Klumpp wrote on 27. November 2014 01:21:

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Matthias Klumpp wrote on 05. February 2014 06:01:

The Tanglu live-installer is based on the installer from Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE). The main Linux Mint distribution uses Ubuntus Ubiquity, which would require quite some work to port to Tanglu7Debian.
But it would be awesome if someone did that ;-)

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