Adding Bombono-DVD, ManDVD, 2ManDVD and DVDStyler to Tanglu
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Richard Kraut wrote on 14. December 2014 03:06:

Hello Tanglu Developers,

I've switched from the Debian Distribution to Tanglu (new install, no upgrade).

To create Video-DVDs with and without a menu I've used several tools to do that.
My preferred tools were Bombono-DVD, ManDVD, 2ManDVD or DVDStyler. Another tool that I've used, devede, will be in Bartholomes.

But the other mentioned programs (Bombono-DVD, ManDVD, 2ManDVD, DVDStyler) are not included into the Tanglu package repositories yet.

So is it possible to include these dvd-authoring tools into the repository of an future release of Tanglu, too?

Thank you for your accomodation.

Yours sincerly

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Matthias Klumpp wrote on 14. December 2014 03:06:

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