Support for more filesystems of the Live-CDs
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Richard Kraut wrote on 14. December 2014 03:06:

Hello Tanglu-Developers,

just another feature wish for Tanglu (2.0 or later).

Could you please include support for more filesystems into the Live-CDs?

For example I'm using xfs on my running Tanglu linux system and jfs on my external USB 3.0 backup-drive.

To use these filesystems from the Live-CDs or do an installation of Tanglu on one of these filesystems first you have to load the needed kernel modules manually and in a second step you have to install the needed filesystem tools (xfsprogs, xfsdump, jfsutils) into the live system.

Maybe this could be solved more elegant or automated so most of the filesystems are available in the future.

Best regards

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Matthias Klumpp wrote on 14. December 2014 03:06:

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This is solved with Calamares: If you select manual partitioning, you are able to select the filesystem now :)
Thanks for reporting this issue!

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Actually, this is not fixed - Calamares does allow to manually specify a filesystem type, but XFS is not one of them.
Reopening bug.

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