Please update Eclipse packages
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importbot, Jul 28 2015


truman - wrote on 27. May 2014 09:42:

The Eclipse IDE version in Tanglu is outdated, like in most other distributions. Having it updated would be nice.

Zielvorstellung bei Tanglu ist doch, dem Anwender jeweils die jüngsten Entwicklungen verfügbar zu machen. Leider muss auch bei Tanglu zumindest bei der IDE eclipse, wie bei allen anderen, mir bekannten Linux-Distributionen Handarbeit geleistet werden.

Matthias Klumpp wrote on 27. May 2014 09:42:

Hi! I added an english note to your ticket, so other can read it (and probably take it).
Packaging Java stuff properly is not the easiest task, especially if the software is as big as Eclipse. But maybe we can work something out, if enough ressources are available (the best thing would be if someone could take care of the package at Tanglu).