Latest Calibre wasn't migrated on last qt5 upgrade
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The package calibre-bin (required by calibre), unfortunately has a qtbase-abi-* dependency on the QT version it uses. The current version of Calibre in dasyatis is still 2.48.0+dfsg-1b2 however and depends on the qtbase-abi-5-5-1. Migrating to the latest version from Debian unstable (2.55.0+dfsg-1) would make Calibre installable again, since that version depends on the current qtbase-abi-5-6-1.

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This was already done, but calibre still needs to migrate.
See on what is missing to make this happen :)

So calibre is effectively blocking on the i386 build of python3.5?

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Actually, this is part of a bigger issue... The chain is:

binutils -> gcc-5 -> python3.5 -> python3-defaults -> pyqt5 -> calibre

We should fix this rather soon, a busted toolchain on i386 isn't great.