Calamares fails to install on UEFI when using a USB stick
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If the image is copied to a USB stick installation fails

It failed due a python script to add the imaged as an apt repository and install grub-efi, because it tried to mound /dev/cdrom, which is not available on my Ultrabook and also because the image was on the USB stick and not on CDROM.

Commenting the script and letting it fetch from the internet gave me another error which was
grub-install failing to create /boot/efi/EFI/Tanglu as I manually had created /boo/efi/EFI/tanglu (lower case) and FAT is case sensitive.

I then removed the directory, and it gave another error, which unfortunately I don't recall.
I can test it again if something changes, using Kubuntu atm which also failed to install when manual partitioning was done.

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Patch for this is on its way to out daily image builds.

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Patch works here, please test for any issues! :-)