Adding XFS to the selection of file systems
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Just downloaded the latest ISO image for continued testing. I would like to make 3 observations:
a) When loading the live installer, at one point there is a black screen with text in the upper left corner that still displays Tanglu 3 tty1 etc. etc.
b) Clicking the menu live installer icon launches a window requesting a password authentication. I don't see the need for such an action to install Tanglu.
c) When partitioning the HDD, I noticed that the selection of file systems is limited and does not include XFS. May I suggest that XFS be part of the selection as even Debian offers the possibility to select XFS when partitioning a disk (Ex.: Debian 8.2 - LMDE Betsy 64bit).
Thank you for your excellent work and wishing the dev team the best!
Comments are welcomed.

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