Create "this week/month/whatever in Tanglu"
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To give regular updates I'd like to compile some kind of regular newsletter.

Other distributions do so, too:

I'd propose this way to do:

  • max. bi-weekly or monthly due to manpower
  • give updates on current development
  • tell people what's next and where they can help
  • list updated packages
  • show one nice tool, application, DE addon etc.
  • give a small gimmick like wallpaper, iconset, theme or such

Ways of publication:

  • website: core point, we want to get people there
  • tanglu-project mailinglist: full scope but with links to t.o
  • social media in different extent depending on the platform, always with link to t.o
  • tangluusers forum in a special sub-category of "general"
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