Installer French Translations Missing
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There's translation missing in the installer.

  1. When selecting french language and proceeding further in the timezone page, cities are still in english, so are the keyboard layouts names
  2. When clicking on the language encoding, (e.g. en_US.utf8 -> Modify), there seems to be 4 items in the combolist/combobox, unfortunately, only en_US.utf8 seems to be shown, others are blank.

Note that I installed via Virtual Box.

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Hmm, maybe the translations are incomplete?

(doesn't look like it, but I need to check the version in Tanglu 3.0 (Chromodoris willani))

I've looked in it, but couldn't find the translations for the cities and timezones.

After some investigations, looks like TimeZoneWidget or LocaleGlobal don't follow quite well the language change? I did not check any more than that, but in that case I'm not even sure the problem is on Calamares' end.


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Right, I am not even sure this is a locale bug... I will ping Teo (Calamares maintainer) about this, and then maybe take this issue upstream.
Thanks for reporting it!