Ship and update to latest KDE Plasma and Major Apps
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Mustafa Muhammad wrote on 30. June 2015 21:18:

Latest software is a major benefit of Tanglu compared to Debian, currently we have Plasma 5.3.0 (released two months ago), more than one month ago 5.3.1 released and no update yet.
Also LibereOffice, and other major apps almost always fix more bugs than they break.
Other important software too, maybe the only software that should not be upgraded frequently are kernel and Xserver.

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Matthias Klumpp wrote on 30. June 2015 21:58:

LibreOffice will be updated in Tanglu 3 (currently waiting to be greenlit), but since T3 is in feature freeze right now, we won't deliver major updates to that suite.
Plasma 5.3.1 will probably come as an update.
T4 will include all the latest and greatest software :-)

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