Breeze-Dark: Panel remains white after changing theme
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Ed Sheridan wrote on 23. April 2015 01:02:

Package: plasma-desktop

K start menu - Settings - System Settings - Appearance - Workspace theme - Desktop Theme -> change from "Breeze" to "Breeze Dark" - Apply


KDE logo in start menu, Keyboard Layout, Clipboard Contents, Networks and clock icons disappear.

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Matthias Klumpp wrote on 27. May 2015 01:01:

Is this still an issue with the Plasma 5.3 packages in Chromodoris?

Ed Sheridan wrote on 04. June 2015 02:22:

Haven't checked yet, sorry.

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Assuming that this issue is fixed - Plasma has been updated to 5.3 meanwhile anyway.
If the issue persists, please reopen this task.

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I confirm the issue still persists with Plasma 5.3 after installing Chromodoris (RC2).

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Looks like this is an upstream bug in KDE with wrong icon inheritance...

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I can reproduce the bug, the other UI elements are not colored correctly.... Strange.

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Following the discussion of upstream bug, these steps solved the problem for me:

System Settings - Appearance - Desktop Theme -> change theme to "Breeze dark" -> Apply
System Settings - Desktop Effects -> switch off "Background contrast" and "Blur" -> Apply
System Settings - Desktop Effects -> switch back on "Background contrast" and "Blur" or hit "Defaults" -> Apply
(in the last step, only switching back on "Blur" is mandatory)

As expected I get a solid dark panel with dark kickoff, white clock and white K-menu-icon.

It unfortunately is too late to fix this for chromodoris, but we will have it fixed with dasyatis, or maybe provide an update via the updates repository.

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