Increase width of open programs in task bar
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importbot, Jul 28 2015


Ed Sheridan wrote on 22. April 2015 23:09:

Package: plasma-desktop

Current symbols for windows are too small and can be mistaken for shortcuts.
IMHO The entire empty space of the task bar (between the K start menu and Clipboard contents icon) should always be used, with variable symbol size as a function of number of windows.

Matthias Klumpp wrote on 27. May 2015 01:03:

Hmm, not sure what exactly you mean - can you maybe attach a sceenshot indicating the expected/current behavior?

Ed Sheridan wrote on 04. June 2015 02:20:

The expected behavior is shown for Dolphin and Iceweasel in the attached screenshot.
There are icon and text for each program, not just an icon.

· Mon, Jul 13, 10:21 PM
Adding attachment back, which got lost in ticket migration.

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